Monday, June 21, 2010

Women, Kids and Eveyone in beTWEEN

Let's face it, women love to accessorize.  Nothing is cuter than a toddler playing dress up.  Girls start young and we never tire of finding that perfect little add-on to compliment an outfit.  I'll admit it, I've designed an entire outfit around a pair of shoes before (more than once).  According to Earnshaw's latest issue, women of all ages LOVE to shop for accessories, but children's retailers are finding this category to be the fastest growing category!

Here at Little Bugs Boutique, we've always known that those little divas are all searching for ways to ways to express their individual style.  Bitty Block and Bitty Caps are the perfect fit in the Tween category for any store.

With price points under $20, these handcrafted pendants fit so many gift-giving budgets and offer a wide appeal for women of all ages.  There are over 1000 designs in the collection, many with a Tween focus.  And a large selection of necklace cords and chains too!

Read the Hidden Gems article of Earnshaw's current issue and get inspired!  And don't miss page 42 for a case study in the buying habits the 7-14 crowd.  Tweens know what's hot!

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